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44mm, 950 Platinum Case, Forged Carbon Bezel - Ltd Edition of just 107 pieces

Stunning Timascus, 6K Stellite Blade, & Timascus Lost Souls - Game Over!

A Mayo Most Wanted & with a Reverse IIAWAH Logo

Flipper Opener, Manual Thumbstud Opener, and Bottle Cap Opener!

Timascus, Brown-Lip Pearl, Damasteel, Bright Blue, Stippled, and WOW!

Price Just Reduced! Exceptional Fit & Finish, Outstanding Raw Materials, Perfect Action, and a PROTOTYPE!!!

Mokuti, Marbleized Carbon-Fiber, & S35V

Todd said this beauty is the Prototype for his Hot-Hammered Finish

Outstanding Acorn Shield, Most Wanted Long Pull, and Great Walk & Talk

Originally released at the 2018 Blade Show in Atlanta

Oil and a 2,600° F Butane Torch create the beautiful (permanent) colors in the Zirc

Perfect Speedsafe Action, and it is Mint!

This is the only Black Vanquish that Jeremy has ever made--it is insane good!

Nichols Mokuti - Hand-Fileworked Diamond-patterned CF - and a FLIPPER!

This Knife was built for Weak-Side Carry (it's a Lefty)

Brand New Design/Model! Timascus, MOP, Damasteel, Bright Blue, Stippled, & wow

New from Maker's Lottery at the Nov. 2018 New York Custom Knife Show

Beautiful colors!!! Contoured/Sculpted Timascus Handle and Pen-style Pocket Clip

Zirc - Lightning-Strike Carbon-Fiber - and a FLIPPER!

Great Looks, Size, Function, and Utility!

Outstanding White Timascus, Zirc Pivot and Collars, & LVA C-F

Thick Titanium Scales -- feels great and flips like magic.

Flips like the bird, and with Contoured Titanium Scales

Thick Titanium Monkey-Edge FRAG Handles

A Little Masterpiece from Sal - for a Lefty or Right-handed Weak Side Carry

Priced Slashed-was $ just $995!

Priced to Sell - Titanium, Lightning-Strike Carbon-Fiber, Steampunked Handle

Carbon-Fiber & Satin. Carried a bit, so you can too!

2-Tone (Polished & Blasted) Zirconium Handles and WOW!