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This Manaro Gentleman's Custom (GMC) V2 could easily be your only EDC, and I don't know anyone who wouldn't be happy to carry only it every single day.

New from maker at the 2021 NYCKS--but Steve told me he made the parts more than 10 years ago...just never built it.

This Manaro Gentleman's Custom (GMC) V2 could easily be your only EDC, and most would be happy and proud about carrying only it every single day.

This was Michael's Open-Bid Knife at the 2021 Art In Metal Knife Show (AIM Sept. in Nashville)

Mirror Polished Blade, Carbon-Fiber Inlaid in Inlaid Carbon-Fiber (I swear,) & Mirror Polished Handle Frame,

From Tom's Table at the 2021 Friday Night Blade Affair Knife Show (GREAT SHOW!)

Most Rare Richlite Scales, Domed Pivot Hardware, & a Thick Lockbar. From 2021 Blade West Show

Don't mistake this for a Begg Knives Semi-Custom...this was made back in the day by hand by Todd Begg himself!

Bacon Stainless Damascus, Nichols Mokuti & Random-pattern Carbon-Fiber; Jared Van Otterloo Design

Beautiful, Functional, Collectible, and Carryable!

4 Warrior Guardians protecting the Emerald-eyed Warrior Chief

Walnut & Maple Display Box, 4 knives--including a Prototype. Display the set of 3, and 1 to carry. New from Maker

44mm, 950 Platinum Case, Forged Carbon Bezel - Ltd Edition of just 107 pieces

One of maybe 50 Customs that Torqbar has made

Brand New from and Artist and great Swedish Knifemaker!

This is a Single Lot (of 3 pieces) selling for one price!