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This beauty will fill a hole in about any Shirogorov Collection

Zirconium Bolsters, Chad Nichols San Mai Blade, Westinghouse Scales, a Flipper & a Burch...DROP THE MIC!

Nichols XHP Core Damascas, Timascus Handles, Lost Souls Pocket Clip, & Backbar

Amber Stag Scales; Mokume Bolsters & Shield; 4 1/8" Closed

Todd said this beauty is the Prototype for his Hot-Hammered Finish

Beautiful Timascus on both the Presentation-side Handle AND the Lockbar-side Handle

2019 Redesigned Case & Bracelet; Brand New from a US Rolex Authorized Dealer

According to Sergey, Materials, Fit & Finish are at least on par with his Custom Division Quality

A beauty Rick Lala; Beautifully Carved by Rudy Lala, 3-D Pocket Snake Pocket Clip

Peter's Sole-Authored San Mai Nickel Lava Lamp Damascus with a 1095 Steel Core. Then Niter Blued

Chad Nichols Stainless Starfire Damascus, & Red/Black CarboQuartz

A Masterpiece by 3 Masters--Andre Thorburn, Andre van Heerden, & Tashi Bharucha

Outstanding Acorn Shield, Most Wanted Long Pull, and Great Walk & Talk

A Very Rare Lefty Mayo Flipper...that has been carried a bit, so you can too!

"Purpose driven to slice your steak into perfect bite-sized morsels" Ernie Emerson

Magma-textured Handles, Blade Flats, & Spine by Forest Strider

Would be a great EDC with its 3.5" blade and durable build

44mm, 950 Platinum Case, Forged Carbon Bezel - Ltd Edition of just 107 pieces

Oil and a 2,600° F Butane Torch create the beautiful (permanent) colors in the Zirc

Perfect Action ending in Charles' infamous Loud "Thwack" at Lock-up

One of maybe 50 Customs that Torqbar has made

Previously Gently you can too!

Marked "PROTO"...and would be a great EDC

This is the only Black Vanquish that Jeremy has ever made--it is insane good!

Nichols Mokuti - Hand-Fileworked Diamond-patterned CF - and a FLIPPER!

Exceptional Fit & Finish, Outstanding Raw Materials, Perfect Action, and a PROTOTYPE!!!

As New with Factory Protective Plastic From a US-based Authorized Tudor Dealer...Papers dated 2014

This is the Royal Oak Offshore Limited Edition that started it all, and is still a Very Most Wanted!

This Knife was built for Weak-Side Carry (it's a Lefty)

Brand New Design/Model! Timascus, MOP, Damasteel, Bright Blue, Stippled, & wow

New from Maker's Lottery at the Nov. 2018 New York Custom Knife Show

Patinated Copper Bolster, Black Linen Micarta, Trash Can Titanium

Patinated Copper, Westinghouse Micarta, Trash Can Titanium, Flipper

Beautiful colors!!! Contoured/Sculpted Timascus Handle and Pen-style Pocket Clip

Looks to never have been worn! Originally Sold by US ROLEX Boutique May 2017 so over half of ROLEX's 5-Year Warranty Remaining

Mokuti, Carbon-FIber, Stainless Damascus, Rolling Pocket Clip, MINT

An Outstanding Tuxedo (Westinghouse & Carbo-Quartz) Build

Phil's Signature Perfect Flipping Action - and one of only 3 Bigger Apple Made

A Masterpiece by 3 Masters--Andre Thorburn, Andre van Heerden, & Tashi Bharucha

Zirc - Lightning-Strike Carbon-Fiber - and a FLIPPER!

Flipper Opener, Manual Thumbstud Opener, and Bottle Cap Opener!

Great Looks, Size, Function, and Utility!

Jigged Titanium Handles - Great Purchase (grip), Feels Great in Hand; & Outstanding Fit and Finish

Outstanding White Timascus, Zirc Pivot and Collars, & LVA C-F

Stunning Timascus, 6K Stellite Blade, & Timascus Lost Souls - Game Over!

(One price for all 3 Pull Tabs)

Will be an about perfect heavy-duty EDC

4 1/8-inch closed; 3-Blade Jigged Rem-Bone Stunner

Timascus, Brown-Lip Pearl, Damasteel, Bright Blue, Stippled, and WOW!

New Design/Model! Polished Marbled CF, Damasteel, Bright Blue, Stippled, & Wow!

A Little Masterpiece from Sal - for a Lefty or Right-handed Weak Side Carry

Priced Slashed-was $ just $995!

A Mayo Most Wanted Flipper!

Brand New from and Artist and great Swedish Knifemaker!

Price just reduced by $500! - This is one of Les' very best!

Zirconium, San Mai, Carbon-Fiber, & Polished Titanium (Blue, Bronze, Silver)

We don't see multi-bladed Bose Knives very often!

An Outstanding Tuxedo (Carbo-Quartz & Natural Material) Build to Overbuilt Specifications

This is a Single Lot (of 3 pieces) selling for one price!

Priced to Sell - Titanium, Lightning-Strike Carbon-Fiber, Steampunked Handle

Carbon-Fiber & Satin. Carried a bit, so you can too!

2-Tone (Polished & Blasted) Zirconium Handles and WOW!

The PROTO Collab from 2 of our favorite Knifemakers

Blue-Hue Silver-Strike Carbon-Fiber; Rat-Tail Bolsters; 4 1/8" Closed

Flipper Collab by 2 Most Wanted Knife Makers

Carbon-Fiber Scales & Rat-Tail Bolsters