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"Early Looks" that are available right now!
John W.  Smith Custom SD-Tactical Flipper

An Outstanding Tactical Folder from John W. Smith.

JB Stout / Jeremy Horton Custom Possum Collab

Stout Design & Build with a Horton Chisel-ground Blade!

Jeremy Marsh Custom California Vanquish Flipper

The Smallest Vanquish Jeremy makes.

Reese Bose Custom Gents Folder with Gold Highlights

A very rare Bose with GOLD Escutcheon & Pins

Les George Custom Timascus FM-1 Framelock

This is one of Les' very best!

 Steel Flame Custom Sterling Silver Warrior Skulls Sledge G-Shock- ONE -- by Derrick Obatake

Lines and paragraphs break automatically. Sale Pending - An Outstanding new ONE! Brand New from Derrick

Sergey Shirogorov Custom Division Slim Mod 95 SRRBS Flipper

SRRBS Roller Bearings, Nudist Finish, Pacman Pivot & Hardware!

 Steel Flame ''ONE'' Custom XXL Darkness Skull HATE PI -- by Derrick Obatake

An Very Special ONE! Brand New from Derrick & Farmer Rob

Brad Blount - Jason Stout Custom Collab Overload Flipper

Nicely Overbuilt , and Fires like a Custom 1911

Jason Stout - Brad Blount Custom Overload Flipper Collab

Nicely Overbuilt , and Fires like a Custom 1911

Andre Thorburn Custom Deluxe Engraved L50 Flipper

Trade Pending - Hand-engraved ''Swimming Koi" Zirconium Bolsters by Julien Marchal

 Rolex 43mm Red Reference SEA-DWELLER -126600

Pre-owned in As-New Condition with the Original Finish from Rolex (not a re-polish) Condition; from a US AD July 2018

Edison Barajas -  Sharknivco Custom Rick Framelock

Trade Pending - One of the Best "Flickers" I have ever handled!

Mick Strider - Starlingear "G6" Collab SnG - Magnus the Conqueror

Sale Pending - Hand-ground Blade, and Aesthetically one of thee best!

Sergey Shirogorov / John Barker Limited Edition Russian Hokkaido Flipper Collab

Sale Pending - According to Sergey the materials, fit & finish are finer than his Custom Division Build Quality

 WR Bladeworks Custom Deluxe Mini Wyvern Flipper

Just reduced - $1,200 off! - Black Timascus & Zirconium

Tony Marfione / Microtech, Munroe / Deryk Munroe Copper Sigil Flipper

A Near Perfect EDC...Size, Functionally, & Emotionally

 Starlingear Custom Sterling-Silver Slickster-Gear Keeper Key Chain

4-piece Custom Key Ring designed to quickly hook on and off your belt loop.

Bill Ruple Custom 5-Blade Congress

Beautiful Natural Handle Material

Ernie Emerson Custom Flipper-7

aka: Custom CQC-7 Flipper

Daniel Galloway Custom Bentley Flipper

Dan's Fit, Finish, & Action are each Outstanding!

Michael Burch Custom Integral Chubby Bolsterlock - Lefty

This Knife was built for Weak-Side Carry (it's a Lefty)

Mick Strider Custom (MSC) Cobalt-San Mai Damascus XL - Nightmare Dragon-grind

Mick's Sole-authored San Mai Damascus with EXCEPTIONAL Colors

JB Stout Custom Leviathan Framelock

Top of the Stout Food Chain

Todd Rexford Custom Hot-Hammered XL Epicenter

Todd said this beauty is the Prototype for his Hot-Hammered Finish

Starlingear Custom Sterling-Silver Cyber Cross Keeper Key Chain

6-piece Custom key chain designed to quickly hook on and off your belt

Jeremy Marsh Custom Deluxe Roxstar Flipper

Just Reduced! - Many feel The Roxstar is Jeremy's best design--it's certainly a Most Wanted Marsh

Ernie Emerson Custom Bolstered Super Roadhouse

Price Just Reduced! - Ernie has often said that the Roadhouse is one of his favorite designs.

Shane Sibert Custom Very Deluxe Bolsterlock Pocket Rocket Flipper

Mokuti, Carbon-FIber, Stainless Damascus, Rolling Pocket Clip, MINT

Ronald Best Custom Very Deluxe Curv Flipper

Brand New Design/Model! Timascus, MOP, Damasteel, Bright Blue, Stippled, & wow

Sergey Shirogorov Sigma Flipper - Dmitry Sinkevich Design

Sinkevich Design & Shirogorov Build...tough to beat!

Ronald Best Custom Very Deluxe Phaze Junior Flipper

Timascus, Brown-Lip Pearl, Damasteel, Bright Blue, Stippled, and WOW!

Brian Fellhoelter Custom Bolstered Fotuki

Carbon-Fiber & Satin. Carried a bit, so you can too!

Peter Martin Custom Very Deluxe Integral QSB-Fatty Flipper

Inserts are Chad Nichols New Zircume (Copper & Zirc)

Tony Marfione - Mick Strider Collab. Custom DOC (SMF) Inset-Lock Flipper Prototype

Originally from the USN's 2012 Gathering (Labor Day Weekend in Vegas)

Ronald Best Custom Very Deluxe Phaze 3-2 Flipper

2-Tone (Polished & Blasted) Zirconium Handles and WOW!

Peter Martin Custom Very Deluxe Fatty-nough Pop-Top QSB Flipper

Flipper Opener, Manual Opener, and Pop-Top Opener!

 Dr T Knives / David Taber Custom Bolstered Back Pocket

Amber Stag Scales; Mokume Bolsters & Shield; 4 1/8" Closed

Gerry McGinnis Custom Peligro R Flipper

MOA Diamond-textured Titanium Handles

Pat Hammond Custom Tribal-engraved Framelock Flipper

Pat used his Dental Drill (day job) to do the Tribal Engraving

Gudy van Poppel Custom Engraved Xerxes Flipper Collaboration PROTOTYPE

The PROTO Collab from 2 of our favorite Knifemakers

Ken Onion Custom Jake Flipper

Great Looks, Size, Function, and Utility!

 Dr T Knives / Tabor Custom Bolstered Back Pocket

Blue-Hue Silver-Strike Carbon-Fiber; Rat-Tail Bolsters; 4 1/8" Closed

Peter Martin Deluxe Custom QSB Fatty Flipper

Mokuti, Marbleized Carbon-Fiber, & S35V

Rick Lala (Korth) Custom Steampunk Sentry Flipper

Titanium, Lightning-Strike Carbon-Fiber, Steampunked Handle

Lucas Burnley Custom Very Deluxe Pelican Flipper

This Pelican was Originally Sold by Lucas via an Open Bid is that Special!

Gerry McGinnis / Jeremy Horton Tac 4 45 Flipper

Flipper Collab by 2 Most Wanted Knife Makers

Mike Zscherny Custom Back-Pocket Slip Joint

Carbon-Fiber Scales & Rat-Tail Bolsters

Sal Manaro Custom Deluxe Trust Folder PROTOTYPE

Sal's Design, Proportions & Fit & Finish are beautiful--and about perfect!

Reese Bose Custom Jigged Rem-Bone Northfield Split Spring Whittler

4 1/8-inch closed; 3-Blade Jigged Rem-Bone Stunner

 Steel Flame  Spin KillboX -- Wes Obatake 1st Edition

Laser-Etched & Heat Treated VGM Finish

David Mosier / Sean Kendrick Custom Serpent Line Framelock Flipper w/ IKBS

Thick Titanium Scales -- feels great and flips like magic.

Jens Anso Custom Millennium Flipper

Flips like the bird, and with Contoured Titanium Scales

Allen Elishewitz Custom Deluxe Persian Flipper

Beautiful Textured Patinaed-Copper Bolsters, LSCF, & Allen's Always Outstanding Fit & Finish

Lightfoot Custom Bull Whip

Black & Blue Carbon-G10 Handles

D.B. Fraley Custom Very Deluxe Shamal Framelock Flipper

Take advantage of this discount-priced "Short-Listing!"

Les George Custom Bolstered FM-1 Framelock

A beauty, and a perfect EDC by Les George

Sal Manaro Custom Deluxe Mini Bullseye - LEFTY

A Little Masterpiece from Sal - for a Lefty or Right-handed Weak Side Carry

Brad Southard Custom FRAG Dowling Flicker

Thick Titanium Monkey-Edge FRAG Handles

Jeremy Krammes Custom Bolstered Peregrine Folder

Great Size. Priced to Carry and Use!