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Bob Lum passed away on December 4, 2007...everyone who knew him agrees what a great loss it was--both for the knife world, and humanity.

2,75" Damasteel Blade and Carved Lost Souls - #01 (April 2022)

A very special piece from Lee -- A Damasteel Bolsterlock Flipper with Hidden Hardware

This is the 1st piece Medford Knives made of a Very Limited Production Run

Including a Hand-made (for this knife) Custom Belt Sheath by Lifter's Leather

A Very Rare signed "Double ONE" - D Signed both the Pile of Skulls CYPOP, & the Goliath Darkness Vigilant Skull

Canvas Micarta, Zirconium, Norris Stainless San Mai, a Flipper from last month's 2022 PNWCI

Integral Titanium,Copper, & Lightning-Strike Carbon-Fiber Handles

A Most Wanted Bolstered Mayo

Zirconium Bolsters, Canvas Micarta Scales, and Nichols 3V-XHP Damascus..

This was Jeremy's Auction Knife at the 2021 Art In Metal Knife Show in Nashville

Beautiful, Functional, Collectible, and Carryable!

44mm, 950 Platinum Case, Forged Carbon Bezel - Ltd Edition of just 107 pieces

Brand New from and Artist and great Swedish Knifemaker!