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A Masterpiece by 3 Masters--Andre Thorburn, Andre van Heerden, & Tashi Bharucha

Very Rare -- only a handfull were released before the project "hit the fan!"

A Ryk Maverick Personal Collection piece in Copper-Brass-Sterling Silver

Vintage Crosscut Rag Canvas Micarta; 3 3/16" Closed, Full Set!

New from Maker's Table at the 2024 Art In Metal Knife Invitational

Carbon-Fiber Top; Stainless Damascus Blade; DLC Aluminum; & Blued Titanium Hardware

Bob Lum's knives have always been cherished for their simple aesthetics & beauty.

Zirconium Bolsters, Canvas Micarta Scales, and Nichols 3V-XHP Damascus..

44mm, 950 Platinum Case, Forged Carbon Bezel - Ltd Edition of just 107 pieces