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A masterpiece that David Broadwell made for The 2009 Gathering.... Jon, many of the details are subtle....


  • M. Norris Stainless Damascus, Twist Pattern.
  • Heavily etched and treated to give it movement in the light.
  • Heavy stock, almost 3/16" thick.
  • Length is 3 3/16".
  • The primary edge has a "bend" in it to give it an angular look.
  • The point is a modified tanto punch point
  • Grinds on the front and the back.
  • The top grind floats out at both ends.
  • The flats have a texture that runs front to back. There are textures on the back that frame a "star" in the pattern.
  • The thumber is also Stainless Damascus.


  • The handle frame is made from 6al4v titanium, 1/8" stock.
  • It tapers toward the rear in a similar fashion to a tapered tang on a fixed blade.
  • There are bevels on some of the edges that taper.
  • There is a bevel that "floats" out from under the scales on the underside that have heavy cut textures.
  • The anodizing is complex, with a gradated coloration from antique bronze to royal blue.
  • The front bolster area has been orange peeled, then given a speckled anodization in a wide range of colors.


  • 787 aircraft carbon fiber.

    Back spacer

  • 787 carbon fiber that is floated out at the rear
  • And has multiple angle cuts on the front.

    Blade pivot

  • The tang is reamed and counterbored for a small sealed ball bearing.
  • The bearing is pressed into the blade and rotates on a stainless steel pivot bolt set.
  • The heads of the pivot have been textured.


  • Frame lock.


  • 6-4 titanium shaped with a curve to compliment the handle.
  • It is a tip-up mount.
  • It is orange peeled and anodized to match the bolster areas.


  • The screws in the handle have polished heads.
  • The screw anchoring the thumber has a turned head.
  • The pivot has burnished textures, and the right side has a false dimple to mimic the screw on the left side.

    Other than the fasteners and the clip blank which are purchases items that have been modified, this knife is entirely made by hand. All parts were sawn from rough form and held by me and ground to shape. I did not use a CNC machine of any kind to make any of the parts, just my hands and manual machines. I even drew out the original design with paper and pencil.

    That is about it Jon...if you or anyone else has a question, just ask. --David Broadwell






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    David Broadwell Tactical Folder
    David Broadwell Tactical Folder
    David Broadwell Tactical Folder
    David Broadwell Tactical Folder
    David Broadwell Tactical Folder