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SOLD - A no nonsense, robust, mid-sized folder designed to be a multipurpose, heavy work blade

(Following is TAD's complete, verbatim, and very thorough Original Description about this knife...)

"The moment that rumors of a collaboration between Brian Fellhoelter and Jim Burke started to circulate, we were eager to support their new partnership. We were more than confident that the results of their combined efforts would create something incredible.

Enter the FATF--a no nonsense, robust, mid-sized folder designed to be a multipurpose, heavy work blade. Don’t be deceived by the relatively small footprint. The wharncliffe blade was maximized both in width and length to allow you to safely manipulate the knife with more pressure and the blade’s very acute point for piercing and fine work. Able to cut through the tough fibrous materials while also fitting easily into a pocket for EDC, the Fellhoelter & Burke FATF TAD Edition design also considers the ergonomics of the user making this collaboration a versatile folder.

  • PSF27, the material chosen for the blade, is a modern version of a knifemaker favorite, D2. It is produced using Peak Spray Forming (PSF) technology, which results in a fine grain structure that leads to almost double the toughness and wear resistance of traditional D2. PSF27 simultaneously retains all of the other qualities that knife users love about D2.
  • When manipulating this tool with both hands, the relatively straight blade comfortably sits in your secondary hand and the handle itself contours comfortably to your grip. The radius of the blade’s spine allows you to bear down heavily (and safely) because the point is as far away from your hand as the blade length allows. The knife is also comfortable with forefingers and with your back fingers to push out the knife more and grab it at bay.
  • Our TAD Edition features an even stonewashed blade and frame with our signature triple fullers perfectly machined into the Titanium handle. Laser Etched Triple Aught Design logos and dueling Fellhoelter Knives and Burke Knives logos sit next to the pocket clip. Each knife comes with a Certificate of Authenticity Dog Tag highlighting features of the FATF TAD Edition, as well as logo marks from both makers.
Behind the Scenes with Burke Knives

Dissatisfied with what the market offered to law enforcement personnel, Jim Burke, himself a member, worked with his father to build a liner locking folder together. Without any outside help, the duo used magazine photos to build a series of prototypes and the first Burke Knives design was born in 1994. As Burke’s profession continued to evolve from Fugitive Apprehension, SWAT, Narcotics Raid Team to Security Contracting and Personal Protection, so did his knives. Using first hand field knowledge, Burke Knives delivers high quality custom tools for soldiers and civilians that will save your life or sit beautifully amongst a collection.

Behind the Scenes with Brian Fellhoelter

Originally apprenticed as a toolmaker, Brian Fellhoelter has been crafting high-quality folding knives since 2005. He won Best Tactical Folder in Blade Magazine’s 2011 Best-of-the-Year Awards and continues to be an innovation leader in the industry."

  • Great Action (Brass Washers); Bank Vault Lock-up, Easy Lock Release
  • Specs: 3 1/4" Blade; 7 5/8" OAL; 5.85 Ounces
  • Condition: Pre-owned in Mint Condtion


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Jim Burke / Brian Fellhoelter / Collab FATF TAD Edition
Jim Burke / Brian Fellhoelter / Collab FATF TAD Edition
Jim Burke / Brian Fellhoelter / Collab FATF TAD Edition
Jim Burke / Brian Fellhoelter / Collab FATF TAD Edition
Jim Burke / Brian Fellhoelter / Collab FATF TAD Edition