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SOLD - Masterfully Scrimmed by Linda Karst Stone

Diana Casteel Custom Push Dagger

Exquisite Push Dagger and equally beautiful Sheath by DI (aka Diana Casteel)
Dianna usually makes the pieces such as daggers, bowies, push daggers and miniatures. She started making knives in 1989. At first, she made miniatures because she thought they would be easier. She soon found that this was not true. However, she still makes several beautiful miniatures. Dianna is one of the first few women to be a member of the Knifemakers Guild. She has won several best of show awards. Her work has been featured in several magazines such as Blade, Knives Illustrated and Knife World.

Scrimshaw by Linda Karst Stone
Linda's scrimshaw is created in the traditional method without a machine. A hand-held carbide steel-tipped scribe is used to combine techniques including line, stipple and crosshatching to define her subject matter. The black lines are created by scratching into the surface then filling that void with black India ink; excess ink is cleaned from the surface. The color areas are incised one at a time, dark to light. Pigments rubbed into the lines are Winsor & Newton artists' water colors chosen for their permanence and quality of pigments. Renaissance wax is applied to help protect the delicate design. Linda prefers ivory as her canvas, a material that can possess warmth and personality and often suggests a particular subject or composition. Her realistic style has depth and a sculptural quality that bring her subjects to life. Linda takes thousands of photographs to inspire her compositions. She enjoys bringing the ideas, experiences, and memories of her clients, together with her own, to create unique art pieces.

  • The Blade Stock is a full quarter of an inch thick. It then tapers to a needle point, strong and razor sharp
  • The Design, The Scrim,  the Artists' Abilities, the Thickness of the Blade Stock ultimately ground all the way down to a single Needle Point, the Sheath, and the Fit all combined to make a World-Class Beauty
  • Pre-ban exquistely Scrimmed with a Strong and Very Interesting Theme
  • The Sheath when Flat Steel was Felt Lined. It was then turned, folded, massaged, tweeked, smoothed, contoured, rolled, time and time again until it became a single pocket without seams. It was then Hand Polished to a World-Class Satin Finish to Complement (even rival) the beauty it was created to protect.
  • The Profile is Exquisite--Finer, more beautiful, more difficult and even more Perfect than even those by the very finest makers
  • Specs: 3 1/2" Blade (to the "neck"); 11/16" Neck; 1" Pre-ban Handles; 5 1/4" OAL; 5 7/8" OAL In Sheath
  • Condition: Pre-owned in 99% Condition

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Diana Casteel Custom Push Dagger
Diana Casteel Custom Push Dagger
Diana Casteel Custom Push Dagger
Diana Casteel Custom Push Dagger
Diana Casteel Custom Push Dagger