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SOLD - Stepped & Anodized Titanium Handles from the 2014 TKI

Duane Dwyer Custom (DDC) Tanto SnG
  • Stepped- Anodized (Dark Copper/Dark OD Green)- Titanium Front Handle
  • Tanto- Chisel-ground PSF-27 Tool Steel Alloy Blade
    PSF27 is a chromium, molybdenum, and vanadium alloyed cold work tool steel (AISI D2 analysis +) produced using the Spray Forming Process. View Technical Info
  • Matching Stepped- Anodized (Dark Copper/Dark OD Green)- Titanium Lockbar side
  • Matching Annoed (Dark Copper/Dark OD Green)-Titanium Tip-up Pocket Clip
  • Blade is signed Dwyer & PSF-27
  • Strider Knives Velcro Case
  • Specs:  3 1/4" Blade; 8 3/16" OAL; 5.60 Ounces
  • Condition: New from Maker's Lottery at the last month's Tactical Knife Invitational (Jan 18, 2014 in Vegas)

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Duane Dwyer Custom (DDC) Tanto SnG
Duane Dwyer Custom (DDC) Tanto SnG
Duane Dwyer Custom (DDC) Tanto SnG