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This is a nice example of Ernie's signature model folder, the CQC6. Its build is the latest iteration in the 30-year evolution of this iconic folder: thick lock bar, wave, zero grind chisel blade with penetrator profile, slightly pointy boat-tail butt, and wide thumb detent. It's got an added on thumb disc to dress it up a little, but otherwise, it is the classic tactical knife in the latest build specs.

Jon, these seem to be coming up less and less frequently as Ernie has scaled back his show schedule--in fact, it may well be the final form the 6 will evolve to. And, it will shock no one to recognize that the supply of Sixes has dwindled while demand continues to soar.

-- JBravo (on the USN,) Recognized Worldwide Emerson Custom Knives Authority & Historian

The CQC-6 would have made Ernie famous even if he'd only designed one knife. It was a real departure from anything else available at the time - exceptionally strong w/a TI frame & bolsters, thick steel blade with a tanto armor-piercing thick tip, & great in-hand ergos. At one time it was closely associated with private purchases by SEALs, and an instant classic that was copied by many but duplicated by no one.

  • Brown Canvas Micarta Dovetailed Scales
  • Waved Chisel-ground Tanto Blade
  • Steel Flame Federal 45 Brass Knurled Thumbdisk (Original Thumbdisk also included)
  • Original  Box, Bag, and Papers is not included or available--ships in Bill's Custom Velcro Padded Case
  • Perfect Action, Bank Vault Lock-up, Easy Lock Release
  • Specs: 3 5/16" Blade; 8 1/8" OAL; 5.14 Ounces
  • Condition: Pre-owned in Mint Condition

Folks, I am looking for an equally desirable trade opportunity for this one...and will be happy to consider what you have, and will add a cash adjustment if the deal makes sense. THANKS, and please let me know.

Price: $4,500
On sale for: $4,500
Cash Price: $5,000 (net via Venmo or Zelle) ... Inquire

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Ernie Emerson Custom Waved CQC-6
Ernie Emerson Custom Waved CQC-6
Ernie Emerson Custom Waved CQC-6
Ernie Emerson Custom Waved CQC-6
Ernie Emerson Custom Waved CQC-6
Ernie Emerson Custom Waved CQC-6
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