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SOLD - Sal's Design, Proportions & Fit & Finish are beautiful--and about perfect!

At the 2014 Tactical Knife Invitational (this past January Vegas) Sal Introduced his new "Major" Model. This one is origanally from his table at that show....

  • Fine Oramge-Peel finished, Satin-Polished, Thick and Heavy Titanium Handles - FRAG-style Milled
  • Exquisitely-ground Thick-Stock BDC Blade
    Boye Dendritic Cobalt is a super-performing, non-rusting cobalt-based alloy that excels on tough fibers such as hi-tech rigging line, deck line, and net. Not a steel, it is a mixture of cobalt, chrome, nickel, tungsten, silicon, iron, and carbon. It cuts aggressively and keeps cutting. It is completely impervious to seawater corrosion, and is non-magnetizeable. (Click continue reading....)
  • Sal's Very Grippy Cross-Cut Titanium Backstrap
  • Sal's Very Grippy Cross-Cut Cross-Cut Titanium Thumb Disk
  • Handmade "Orange-Peeled Tip-Up Shorty Pocket Clip w/ Hidden Attachment Points
  • Exceptional Action, Perfect Lockup and Easy Lock Release
  • Specs: 3 5/8" Blade; 8 11/16" OAL; 7.45 ounces
  • Condition: NewPre-owned in Mint Condition


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Sal Manaro Custom Major
Sal Manaro Custom Major
Sal Manaro Custom Major
Sal Manaro Custom Major