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Todd Rexford TADGear Custom Mini Epicenter Flipper

This Todd Rexford TADGear Custom Mini Epicenter is Pre-owned in Excellent has been carried and there is minimal scuffing that one would expect to find. It's action is outstanding as is the lock-up and lock release. All can clearly be seen in this vid.

The Following Description (in Italics) comes directly from the Triple Aught Design (TADGear) Website Listing when this knife was originally sold....

Known for his impeccable machining skills, Todd Rexford showcases his talent in this TAD Edition of the Mini Epicenter. The clean look of the design accents the exacting tolerances Rexford used in the build of the knife. Intricate detailing appears uncomplicated while in reality multiple parts have seamlessly been incorporated to appear as one. Made to not only be admired but also used, this knife is capable of handling even the most rugged of everyday urban chores.


  • Reminiscent of a gentlemen’s EDC with its compact size and intricate detailing, this knife is capable of handling rugged and durable everyday tasks and will make short work of incidental camp chores. Evidence of Rexford’s mastery of the machining processes are visible in his use of classic style markers, such as a six shooter style-pivot with G10 inlay and titanium bronzed standoffs on the frame. While some pocket clips rely on spring pressure for attachment, the Rexford 3D pocket clip is meticulously milled from one solid piece of titanium, so it relies on its strength in the build and the standoffs to keep it anchored. The titanium contoured frame lock features a uniquely Rexford staggered jimping, which creates more angles to act as traction for the thumb when putting it to work.
  • Ground by hand, Rexford’s signature drop point blade gives the appearance of being double-edged when in actuality it has a full swedge that is fairly flat on top. Utilizing the spine of the knife allows one to apply pressure for an even deeper cut. The blade’s long trailing edge also creates more of a dramatic curve, so in addition to a deeper cut, the knife can also take on more longer rounded slices.
  • The Mini Epicenter is streamlined to accommodate an urban aesthetic while still offering the capability of a more robust folder. This TAD Edition sports a unique combination of features, as highlighted above. In addition, our Triple Aught Design logo has been chemically-etched into the blade base and the contoured titanium handle with three fullers and a stonewash finish is uniquely ours.
  • Blade: CPM154 Satin Polished Steel
  • Handle: Contoured Titanium
  • Hardware: Bronzed Titanium Bolts
  • Frame Lock & Pocket Clip: Titanium

  • Blade Length: 3.08" (7.82 cm)
  • Blade Thickness: 0.16" (0.41 cm)
  • Handle Length: 3.97" (10.08 cm)
  • Overall Length: 7.10” (18.03 cm)


  • 3.52 oz (99.79 grams)


  • Drop Point Blade with Full Length Swedge
  • Satin Finish on Blade
  • Custom Six Shooter Pivot with Titanium Ring on Lock Side
  • Staggered Jimping on Blade and Frame
  • 3D Titanium Pocket Clip
  • Dark Bronzed Titanium Standoffs
  • Pocket Clip for Tip Up Carry
  • Lanyard Hole
  • Dual Thumbstuds

Labels & Logos

  • Chemically Etched Triple Aught Design & Rexford Knives Logo on Blade Base\

Made in the USA

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Todd Rexford TADGear Custom Mini Epicenter Flipper
Todd Rexford TADGear Custom Mini Epicenter Flipper
Todd Rexford TADGear Custom Mini Epicenter Flipper
Todd Rexford TADGear Custom Mini Epicenter Flipper
Todd Rexford TADGear Custom Mini Epicenter Flipper
Todd Rexford TADGear Custom Mini Epicenter Flipper