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Mick Strider Custom SJ75 Mini

"Make no mistake - this is a slicer and thruster..." JBravo on the USN

A review of the SJ75 Mini by the USN's esteemed JBravo (It has been edited for space and reposted with permission)

"The SJ-75 Mini is a normal sized knife not appropriate to that name. It is the newest addition to the Strider fold, and is a towering home-run. In fact, it is so good for so many reasons....

The knife is stunning in its successes though, so thoroughly that it is hard to know where to begin. Not since Christian Wimpff's** ultraclean minimalist designs of 20 years ago has there been a usable tac folder this elementally sound. And, it does so not in copying him but by trumping his effort. The handles appear at first look to be angular, all lines and flats, not unlike a 'lego' SnGs. But in the hand, it is all curves in all three dimensions! There is a subtle palm swell, vertically and horizontally, that allows it to fit the hand well. The lower handle line has a large radius curve that also allows for excellent grip despite different hand/finger sizes. And, in a very rare design cue, the thumb ramp is negatively curved to mirror the pad of the thumb that will rest there. The result of all this is an organically comfortable fit that lets the wielder of this knife have superb control in the all-important saber grip. 

Did the maker refer to an actual sword in the handle design? It is a legitimate question, since he/she has cleverly solved the wrist-to-blade angle issue in the same way as the fighting swordsmith: instead of angling the blade as many makers have done, the Mini SJ75 has an angled handle to permit full strength thrusting, and it keeps the point at centerline. As a result, it is a pleasure to use! That large radius curve also acts as an integral fingerguard. 

There is another pleasant design touch in the fact that the blade tang does not extend past the handle edge. It can be used as an excellent handload, with a good point at either end to use as necessary. 

In the reverse grip it is also ergonomically proper, and gives full positive control. All of those wonderful attributes noted above do the same things in this grip, too. The blade angle is presented just slightly less perfectly, but is adequate for most purposes. 

On a last note regarding the handles, they have finely milled groove lines on them and scalloped inside edges. I haven't carried it long enough to discover the benefits of these two features; perhaps time will reveal their secret. In the interim, I'd consider cross-hatching as an alternative. 

Make no mistake - this is a slicer and thruster, exactly as it should be! It seems that a blade for every taste is being made, one at a time. I do like the beadblasted flats with satin grinds on mine and recommend it to all." 

** - Wimpff, usually referred to as the "German Michael Walker" for his radically elegant knives, retired as a knife maker when he was hired full time as an industrial designer for Mercedes Benz automobiles."

  • Anodized & Milled Titanium Handle & Framelock
  • Fileworked Blade Spine
  • Great Lockup and Easy Lock Release
  • Hand Signed M. Strider
  • Clipped for Tip Up Carry
  • Includes Strider 2-Knife Velcro Case (shown but color may vary)
  • Specs: 3" Blade; 7 1/8" OAL
  • Condition: New from Maker

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Mick Strider Custom SJ75 Mini
Mick Strider Custom SJ75 Mini
Mick Strider Custom SJ75 Mini
Mick Strider Custom SJ75 Mini
Mick Strider Custom SJ75 Mini