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"Early Looks" that are available right now!
 Viknives by Victor Barajas Custom Kiba Flipper

New from Maker's Lottery at the Nov. 2018 New York Custom Knife Show

J.L. (Lee) Williams and John Barker Custom Essential Flipper Collaboration

A Special Piece from 2 of the Top and Most Wanted Knife Makers!

Mick Strider Custom (MSC) Cobalt-San Mai Damascus XL - Nightmare Dragon-grind

Price Just Reduced! - Mick's Sole-authored San Mai Damascus with EXCEPTIONAL Colors

 Starlingear Custom Sterling-Silver Twin Skull Bracelet

9.25 inches of .925 Starlingear - ("Rule #39: There is no such thing as a coincidence." Leroy Jethro Gibbs)

Jason Taber Custom American Barlow Slip Joint

Red & White G10 & Blue Jeans Micarta

John W.  Smith Custom SD-Tactical Flipper

An Outstanding Tactical Folder from John W. Smith.

Tom Mayo Custom Persian Flipper

Just Reduced! - A Mayo Most Wanted

Lucas Burnley BRNLY Copper Rose CYPOP - by Lucas Burnley

Made from a Third-Inch (.3695) Thick Chunk of Copper

 Sharpwerks by David Sharp Custom L&L (Lum & Loveless) Tanto Framelock Folder

A One-Off Configuration David made for the 2018 NW Handbuilt Invitational

 Steel Flame ''ONE'' Custom XXL Darkness Skull HATE PI -- by Derrick Obatake

A Very Special ONE! Brand New from Derrick & Farmer Rob

Ernie Emerson Custom Black CQC-6 Flipper w/Wave

The Very Top of the Emerson Food Chain!

JB Stout / Jeremy Horton Custom Possum Collab

Stout Design & Build with a Horton Chisel-ground Blade!

Charles Marlowe Custom Squail

2018 Build! Carbon-Fiber / Inlaid Burgundy Micarta Handle--both sides!

Peter Martin Custom Very Deluxe Fatty-nough Pop-Top QSB Flipper

Flipper Opener, Manual Thumbstud Opener, and Bottle Cap Opener!

Todd Rexford Custom Hot-Hammered XL Epicenter

Todd said this beauty is the Prototype for his Hot-Hammered Finish

Shane Sibert Custom Very Deluxe Bolsterlock Pocket Rocket Flipper

Check out the great discount! Mokuti, Carbon-FIber, Stainless Damascus, Rolling Pocket Clip, MINT

Mick Strider Custom Nightmare Tanto SnG

Laster-etched, DLC-ed, and Copper-Infused

Michael Burch Custom Bolstered Brigadier Impetus Flipper

Zirconium Bolsters, Chad Nichols San Mai Blade, Westinghouse Scales, a Flipper & a Burch...drop the mic!

 Black Horse Knives Custom Deluxe Black Death Hell Razor Flipper

Zirconium, San Mai, Carbon-Fiber, & Polished Titanium (Blue, Bronze, Silver)

Bill Ruple Custom Deluxe Lannys Clip

An Outstanding Tuxedo (Carbo-Quartz & Natural Material) Build to Overbuilt Specifications

 WR Bladeworks Custom Deluxe Mini Wyvern Flipper

Just Reduced...BIG! - Black Timascus & Zirconium

Les George Custom Timascus FM-1 Framelock

Price just reduced by $500! - This is one of Les' very best!

Brad Blount / JBB 3 Assorted Beads

This is a Single Lot (of 3 pieces) selling for one price!

 Joseph76 3 Brass MOA Beads

This is a Single Lot (of 3 pieces) selling for one price!

Mick Strider (MSC) Custom Magma NM Recurve SnG - Finish Texture by Forrest Strider

Copper-Infused (Magma) Textured Handles, Blade Flats, & Spine

Todd Rexford Custom Deluxe Gamma Flipper

Presentation finished on both Sides! 3 1/2" Blade

Allen Elishewitz Custom Deluxe Persian Flipper

Beautiful Textured Patinaed-Copper Bolsters, LSCF, & Allen's Always Outstanding Fit & Finish

Enrique Peña Custom Jigged Diesel  Flipper

Jigged Titanium Handles - Great Purchase (grip), Feels Great in Hand; & Outstanding Fit and Finish

Les George Custom Bolstered FM-1 Framelock

A beauty, and a perfect EDC by Les George

Rick Lala (Korth) Custom Steampunk Sentry Flipper

Priced to Sell - Titanium, Lightning-Strike Carbon-Fiber, Steampunked Handle

Brad Blount - Jason Stout Custom Collab Overload Flipper

Nicely Overbuilt , and Fires like a Custom 1911

Mick Strider - Starlingear "G6" Collab SnG - Magnus the Conqueror

Sale Pending - Hand-ground Blade, and Aesthetically one of thee best!

Sergey Shirogorov / John Barker Limited Edition Russian Hokkaido Flipper Collab

Sale Pending - According to Sergey the materials, fit & finish are finer than his Custom Division Build Quality

Tony Marfione / Microtech, Munroe / Deryk Munroe Copper Sigil Flipper

A Near Perfect EDC...Size, Functionally, & Emotionally

 Starlingear Custom Sterling-Silver Slickster-Gear Keeper Key Chain

4-piece Custom Key Ring designed to quickly hook on and off your belt loop.

Bill Ruple Custom 5-Blade Congress

Beautiful Natural Handle Material

Ernie Emerson Custom Flipper-7

aka: Custom CQC-7 Flipper

Daniel Galloway Custom Bentley Flipper

Dan's Fit, Finish, & Action are each Outstanding!

Michael Burch Custom Integral Chubby Bolsterlock - Lefty

This Knife was built for Weak-Side Carry (it's a Lefty)

Starlingear Custom Sterling-Silver Cyber Cross Keeper Key Chain

6-piece Custom key chain designed to quickly hook on and off your belt

Ronald Best Custom Very Deluxe Curv Flipper

Brand New Design/Model! Timascus, MOP, Damasteel, Bright Blue, Stippled, & wow

Sergey Shirogorov Sigma Flipper - Dmitry Sinkevich Design

Sinkevich Design & Shirogorov Build...tough to beat!

Ronald Best Custom Very Deluxe Phaze Junior Flipper

Timascus, Brown-Lip Pearl, Damasteel, Bright Blue, Stippled, and WOW!

Brian Fellhoelter Custom Bolstered Fotuki

Carbon-Fiber & Satin. Carried a bit, so you can too!

Peter Martin Custom Very Deluxe Integral QSB-Fatty Flipper

Inserts are Chad Nichols New Zircume (Copper & Zirc)

Ronald Best Custom Very Deluxe Phaze 3-2 Flipper

2-Tone (Polished & Blasted) Zirconium Handles and WOW!

 Dr T Knives / David Taber Custom Bolstered Back Pocket

Amber Stag Scales; Mokume Bolsters & Shield; 4 1/8" Closed

Gerry McGinnis Custom Peligro R Flipper

MOA Diamond-textured Titanium Handles

Pat Hammond Custom Tribal-engraved Framelock Flipper

Pat used his Dental Drill (day job) to do the Tribal Engraving

Gudy van Poppel Custom Engraved Xerxes Flipper Collaboration PROTOTYPE

The PROTO Collab from 2 of our favorite Knifemakers

Ken Onion Custom Jake Flipper

Great Looks, Size, Function, and Utility!

 Dr T Knives / Tabor Custom Bolstered Back Pocket

Blue-Hue Silver-Strike Carbon-Fiber; Rat-Tail Bolsters; 4 1/8" Closed

Peter Martin Deluxe Custom QSB Fatty Flipper

Mokuti, Marbleized Carbon-Fiber, & S35V

Gerry McGinnis / Jeremy Horton Tac 4 45 Flipper

Flipper Collab by 2 Most Wanted Knife Makers

Mike Zscherny Custom Back-Pocket Slip Joint

Carbon-Fiber Scales & Rat-Tail Bolsters

Sal Manaro Custom Deluxe Trust Folder PROTOTYPE

Sal's Design, Proportions & Fit & Finish are beautiful--and about perfect!

Reese Bose Custom Jigged Rem-Bone Northfield Split Spring Whittler

4 1/8-inch closed; 3-Blade Jigged Rem-Bone Stunner

 Steel Flame  Spin KillboX -- Wes Obatake 1st Edition

Laser-Etched & Heat Treated VGM Finish

David Mosier / Sean Kendrick Custom Serpent Line Framelock Flipper w/ IKBS

Thick Titanium Scales -- feels great and flips like magic.

Jens Anso Custom Millennium Flipper

Flips like the bird, and with Contoured Titanium Scales

Lightfoot Custom Bull Whip

Black & Blue Carbon-G10 Handles

D.B. Fraley Custom Very Deluxe Shamal Framelock Flipper

Take advantage of this discount-priced "Short-Listing!"

Sal Manaro Custom Deluxe Mini Bullseye - LEFTY

A Little Masterpiece from Sal - for a Lefty or Right-handed Weak Side Carry

Brad Southard Custom FRAG Dowling Flicker

Thick Titanium Monkey-Edge FRAG Handles

Jeremy Krammes Custom Bolstered Peregrine Folder

Great Size. Priced to Carry and Use!